Zorro: Man of the Dead Comic

Zorro: Man of the Dead
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    Zorro: Man of the Dead (2024)

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    Sean Murphy

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    Action - Adventure

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Superstar artist Sean Gordon Murphy delivers the main cover for his fresh take on the iconic masked vigilante, Zorro. Don Quixote meets Narcos in Sean Gordon Murphy's Zorro: Man of the Dead. In this modern reimagining, the writer-artist behind DC Comic's Batman: White Knight, delivers a fresh take on the legendary swashbuckling hero. Diego is a young man who is convinced that he's Zorro. As a child, he suffered a psychotic break after witnessing the murder of his parents by the drug cartel in his village. To cope with the trauma, he embraced the 200-year-old legend of Zorro by donning the mask, training with the sword, and declaring war on the Narcos for the sake of his people.

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