The Oloris: Heroes Will Unite Comic

The Oloris: Heroes Will Unite


Join the heroes from across YouNeek Studios' YouNeek YouNiverse as they unite for the first time in this epic graphic novel crossover event! When an unknown anarchist unleashes an army of extraterrestrial androids on the continent of Africa, Malika—legendary warrior queen of the 15th-century West African Empire, Azzaz—must put together a team of "unlike-minded" heroes to respond before it's too late. Featuring appearances from other YouNeek YouNiverse heroes like E.X.O., Fury, and WindMaker, several YouNeek storylines finally converge. Dark Horse and YouNeek Studios continue stories in a shared universe of African fantasy and superhero stories—the YouNeek YouNiverse!

The Oloris: Heroes Will Unite chapters (issues)

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