The Missing Play Comic

The Missing Play
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    The Missing Play 2024

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    Harambat Jean

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    Graphic Novels - Mystery

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By 1744, two separate editions of Shakespeare’s complete works have been published, but there is still a missing piece, a missing link… a missing play! Actress Peg Woffington is convinced that the role of a lifetime is contained within that mysterious play, “The History of Cardenio,” if only it can be found. Peg and her loyal steward, Ignatius Sancho, race across England from clue to clue, but they soon find that there are other players conspiring against them. Death, disguises, and intrigue combine in Jean Harambat’s Shakespearian-style comedy, painted with his trademark imaginative style. Harambat is also the author of Operation Copperhead and The Detection Club.

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