The Daredevils Comic

The Daredevils
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    Alan Moore - Roger McKenzie

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    Marvel - Action - Adventure - Superhero

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Marvel UK anthology title reprinting Frank Millers MarvelDaredevil US run plus a new Captain Britain strip from Alan Moore and Alan Davis (who also collaborated on the Night Raven text stories in issues 6 to 11), a continuation / restart of the Captain Britain run from Marvel Super-Heroes. Mid-way through the run Moore brought the Special Executive, a team he had created for stories in Doctor Who Monthly, into the Captain Britain strip, and subsequent issues reprinted their earlier appearances; when those finished, Moore wrote the one-off Grit, a pastiche on Millers Daredevil, and a few issues later Davis wrote and drew a Batman-parody, The Crusader.
Only eleven monthly issues were produced in 1983 before the title cancelled and merged into Mighty World of Marvel.

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