The Black Hood (1983) Comic

The Black Hood (1983)


Black Hood in "The Mask and the Man" – The legend continues! Thomas “Kip” Burland carries on the Black Hood tradition left to him by his uncle Matt—aka the golden age Hood! His latest exploit lands him in the crosshairs of an international criminal known as Death-Monger. This deadly crook plans on selling American secrets to foreign powers, and his traitorous courier has ties to Kip’s past. How can Hood recover the info and save this messenger? Then learn the secrets behind the hero’s arsenal!
This issue contains three stories: "The Mask,,, and the Man" (The Black Hood, by Burkett and Morrow;) "Get On the Stick, Kramer" (Marv Channing and Doug Wildey;) "Crime Hits a Sour Note" (Channing, Robin Snyder and McWilliams.)

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