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Snow Origins
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    Snow Origins 2015

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    Didier Convard - Éric Adam

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We are not born heroes. We become it.
In a frozen world devastated by the terrible evil of Orion, the Twelve form a brotherhood thinking about ways to save Europe. Their leader, Northman, took in a young boy a few years earlier who he intended to become their savior. He named it Snow. But for now, a threat looms: someone named Bohort wants to open a breach in the wall, the wall that separates Europe from the rest of the world. The outside world could take advantage of this to invade the old continent and ruin the plan of the Twelve. To counter the plans of this enemy that he seems to know well, Northman asks for the help of Bohort's former master at arms: the formidable Agravaine the Proud. Together, they go to Rome, where the Emperor reigns...
After Snow – Foundation, discover the youth of the hero of the cult series by Gine and Convard! Éric Adam and Frédéric Vignaux join this prestigious cast to bring us back to the frozen world of this devastated Europe. This album forms a self-concluding plot.

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