Robur Comic

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    Robur 2003

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    Jean-Marc Lofficier - Randy Lofficier

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1901... Professor Kavor realized his dream of being the first man on the moon, annexing the name of his most gracious majesty, Queen Victoria... 1916... While the Great War is in full swing, the Selenites, a strange alien civilization based on metal, invade the earth to seize its mineral resources. New York, 1931... A resistance group led by the reckless adventurer-scholar Robur whose mission is to deliver Professor Kavor, the only man to know the secrets of the Selenites. A terrible battle ensues between Robur and Gurn, the Machiavellian chief of the Selenite black guard, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the Earth ...

Robur chapters (issues)

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