Normalman 40th Anniversary Omnibus Comic

Normalman 40th Anniversary Omnibus
  • Alternate Name

    Normalman 40th Anniversary Omnibus 2024

  • Author(s)

    Jim Valentino

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    Action - Adventure - Superhero

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ocketed into space by his junior CPA father, who was convinced his home world was going to explode (it didn’t). He landed on the planet LEVRAM (read it backwards) where everyone, except him, had super-powers! Making him the world’s only normal man. Befriended by the guileless, yet brainless CAPTAIN EVERYTHING normalman’s only goal in life is to escape this mad world! Collects normalman #1-12, normalman annual #1, normalman-Megaton Man Special, normalman 20th Anniversary Special, Journey #13, material from Cerebus #56-57, AV in 3-D #1, Epic Lite #1 plus extras.

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