John Constantine: Hellblazer: Dead in America Comic

John Constantine: Hellblazer: Dead in America
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    John Constantine: Hellblazer: Dead in America (2024)

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    Simon Spurrier

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    DC Comics - Horror

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At last, as you demanded: The celebrated creative team of Si Spurrier and Aaron Campbell have returned to Hellblazer!John Constantine has cheated death once again--but his heart's not beating, his body is decaying, and he, his friend Nat, and his son Noah are on the run in America, wanted for murder. Naturally, it's all John's fault--it always is.But as it turns out, Dream himself needs John's help. Something terrible has taken root in America, and it's using the sand from Dream's pouch to impose its will. If John can put a stop to it, he might be able to parlay that favor into a chance to save all their lives--but he's going to need help from someone he hasn't spoken to in years. Someone he wasn't always...all that kind to. Someone... or some... Thing?Spurrier and Campbell's first run on Hellblazer was the best-reviewed comic of 2020, reintroducing the character to a new generation, and their second act, told in extra-length 28-page issues, is ambitious and unmissable!

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