Daredevil (1941) Comic

Daredevil (1941)
  • Alternate Name

    Daredevil Comics

  • Author(s)

    Bob Davis - Bob Wood - Charles Biro - Victor Pazmino

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    Action - Adventure - Superhero

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Daredevil Comics, one of Lev Gleason Publications longest running comics was a Golden Age anthology comic that took its name from its main feature character Daredevil (named The Death-Defying Devil in Dynamite Entertainment comics and Red Devil at AC Comics as not to be confused with the Marvel character but called by his original name, Daredevil, at Image Comics). Daredevil was eventually phased out of the title in the late forties and for most of the comics run, apart from the title the character wasnt the main feature anymore and the covers were primarily dominated by The Little Wise Guys.

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