Captain Paragon (1983) Comic

Captain Paragon (1983)


AC’s premiere superhero in the premier issue of his first full-color book . He’s ageless, invulnerable,and doesn’t know who he is or how he came to be!! See him hire a private detective to track down his own identity in “The Diamond Connection”, by Bill Black, Don Secrease and Bill Neville.(First appearance of Harry Diamond, .) Then, it’s on to “The Power Of Proxima”(picking up the storyline from Cap’s strip in Fun Comics #4) by Dan St. John, Greg Guler and Bill Black. Paragon and his new protege Stardust try to stave off an invasion from her home planet, and encounter the Rurian warlord Proxima. Guest stars Richard and Nikki Latimer. Finally, see the future leader of AC’s smash hit, Femforce in her first AC Comics appearance, as Ms. Victory faces off with the faceless Dr. Pretorius in a slugfest by Mark Heike, Phil White and Bill Anderson. (First appearance of FF government liason, Captain Tom Kelly) Cover by Greg Guler and Mike Machlan, full color throughout. Standard comic book format.

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